Drago Glamuzina

Drago Glamuzina was born in Vrgorac in 1967. He graduated in literature and philosophy at the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy and now works as a journalist. To date his prose, poetry and criticism have been published in newspapers, reviews and on the radio. His book of poetry Butchers was published by Naklada MD, Zagreb (2001), and has been translated into Slovenian.

1. The Wind Catcher
Translated by Damir Sodan.
While I'm dancing with his wife
the kisses you send me enter me
the way a crowd enters a tram.
Meanwhile he smiles at me.
Your slopes are slippery
as if soaked with rain.
Glistening like silver
black sails sailing within.
A turn and a glance.
A turn and a glance.
Swirling like a windmill,
I'm a champion wind catcher
in this division.
Neither the silver flyer
nor Hagar the Horrible
can beat me.

2. The Old Man Who Screwed Her
Translated by Damir Sodan.
Yesterday, her ex-lover called.
A sixty year old guy
of whom she once wrote in her diary:
'no one ever turned me on like this.
not before or after'.

He was a friend of her father's,
the old man who screwed her
while she stayed in the hospital,
and after. The guy who thinks
that he can just call her
fifteen years later and say:
'I saw your photograph in a newspaper.
Tomorrow, I'm on duty, please come
and see me when it's dark'.

And it is dark
and I'm climbing towards the hospital.
I want to see that doctor
to whom she used to
submit herself so readily
that even today he thinks
he can just reach for the phone
and call her.

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