Tiziano Scarpa
Tiziano Scarpa. Photo courtesy of the author.

Tiziano Scarpa was born in Venice in 1963. His first novel Occhi sulla graticola [Eyes on the Grid] was published in 1996 to great critical acclaim. His subsequent published works include two short story collections Amore® [Love®] (1998) and Cosa voglio da te [What I Want From You] (2003), an idiosyncratic guide to Venice Venezia è un pesce [Venice is a Fish] (2000), a collection of articles and essays entitled Che cos'è questo fracasso? [What Kind of a Noise is That?] (2000), and a further novel Kamikaze d'Occidente [Kamikaze of the West] (2003). In 1997 Scarpa was awarded the Prix Italia for his radio play Popcorn. He is renowned for his public readings of his works and has given some hundred performances across Italy over the past few years. 'Testicles' is taken from Corpo [The Body] (2004), a collection of stories about Scarpa's own body parts.

Listen to Tiziano Scarpa read from his own work (in Italian) at Il Narratore.

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