Count Menthol Christoph

John Minahane

John Minahane was born near Baltimore in the south-west of Ireland in 1950. He has published translations from Irish, German and Slovak. His study of ancient Irish literature, including many poems translated in whole or in part, appeared in Dublin in 1994: The Christian Druids: On the Filid or Philosopher-Poets of Ireland. In 1996 he went to live in Slovakia, and during the past few years he has translated various works of Slovak musicology, art history, poetry and prose fiction, including children's literature. His selection from the work of a leading twentieth century Slovak poet, Ladislav Novomesky, was published in Belfast in 2004: Ladislav Novomesky, Slovak Spring.

Heather Trebatická

Heather Trebatická was born in London and studied English language and literature at Manchester University. Since her marriage in 1967, she has lived in Slovakia, where she works as a lecturer in the Department of English at Comenius University in Bratislava. The majority of her translation work published in Slovakia has been in the fields of Slovak literature, culture, history and tourism. Translations published abroad (Canada, UK, USA) have included books on early Slovak history, medicinal plants, contemporary Slovak short stories, and traditional fairytales.

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