Fatima Naoot

Valerie Gillies

Valerie Gillies is the author of a number of poetry collections, including The Ringing Rock (1995), and, most recently, The Lightning Tree (2002). She teaches creative writing and has held writing fellowships throughout Scotland.

Robert Minhinnick

Robert Minhinnick is a Welsh poet and essayist and former editor of the international quarterly, Poetry Wales. As well as being a writer he is also an active environmental campaigner. His books include collections of essays: Watching the Fire Eater (1992), Badlands (1996), and To Babel and Back (2005) and a number of poetry collections. His Selected Poems was published by Carcanet in 1999, After the Hurricane (2002), and translations from the Welsh, The Adulterer's Tongue: An Anthology of Welsh Poetry in Translation (2003).

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