Patrick McGuinness
Patrick McGuinness © Tim Fox
Richard Gwyn © Andrew Jeffrey
Gwyneth Lewis © Roddy Simpson
Erik Spinoy courtesy of Het beschrijf
Benno Barnard © Sven van Baarle
Eva Cox © Kristof Ghyselinck

Patrick McGuinness was born in 1968 in Tunisia. In 1998 he won an Eric Gregory Award for poetry from the Society of Authors and in 2001 he won the Levinson Prize from the Poetry Foundation and Poetry magazine. His poems, translations, essays and reviews have appeared in the London Review of Books, the Times Literary Supplement, The Independent, PN Review, Poetry Wales, Leviathan, and New Writing 10. He is a fellow of St Anne's College, University of Oxford, where he lectures in French. He lives in Cardiff.



Read an article by Patrick McGuinness on the Welsh writer Lynette Roberts in Transcript 22. http://www.transcript-review.org/sub.cfm?lan=en&id=3785

Richard Gwyn

Richard Gwyn was born in Wales and grew up in the village of Crickhowell. He is the author of five collections of poetry and two novels, The Colour of a Dog Running Away and Deep Hanging Out. He has translated poetry from Spanish and Catalan, and his own poetry and fiction have appeared in several languages. He divides his time between Cardiff and a small village in Catalunya.

Gwyneth Lewis

Gwyneth Lewis was appointed the first National Poet of Wales in 2005-6. She has published six books of poetry in Welsh and English, including Parables and Faxes, Zero Gravity, Y Llofrudd Iaith (The Language Murderer) and Keeping Mum, and is also the author of two non-fiction books, Sunbathing in the Rain: A Cheerful Book on Depression, which was broadcast as a radio play, and Two in a Boat: A Marital Voyage. Gwyneth Lewis has been awarded the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival Prize and the Welsh Arts Council Book of the Year.

Links: http://www.gwynethlewis.com

Erik Spinoy

Erik Spinoy is a poet and professor of Dutch literature at the University of Liège. His first collection of poetry, De jagers in de sneeuw (The Hunters in the Snow, 1986), was awarded the Flemish Debut Prize; his second collection, Susette (1990), the prestigious Hugues C. Pernath Prize. Spinoy is, together with Dirk van Bastelaere, seen as one of the major representatives of postmodernism in Flemish poetry. His most recent collection is Ik en andere gedichten (I and other poems), published by Meulenhoff/Manteau in 2007.

Benno Barnard

Benno Barnard is probably the only living poet in Flanders whose poetry - influenced by Interbellum modernism and Jewish philosophy - deals with history itself. In his quest for the identity of the post-war European he often uses the 'Belgian model of organised chaos' as an example: "Europe will be Belgian or Bosnian." Both his poetry and prose have been translated into French; English renderings have appeared in a number of British and American magazines. He has been awarded several prizes.

Links: Read and listen to Benno Barnard's poetry at http://www.lyrikline.org

Eva Cox

Eva Cox began writing poetry early in 1999 and made her debut later that year as a performing poet. Cox writes rattle rhymes that work well on stage, and builds an alienating atmosphere in more carefully written, more delicate texts. Her first official poetry collection Pritt.stift.lippe. (2004) was nominated for the C. Buddingh' prize and awarded with the highest stipendium for a literary debut by the Flemish Literature Fund. Her second collection, Een twee drie ten dans (One Two Three Let's Dance), will be published by De Bezige Bij (Amsterdam) in spring 2009.

Links: http://evacox.web-log.nl

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