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    Photo by Obsessive Possessive Aggression
    From Jasna Koteska's essay 'Terrorism'

    In 2001, in a column of a Macedonian daily newspaper, a thesis appeared claiming that "the adolescent is a whole nation" (meaning the Macedonian nation), and that "our adolescence may be an advantage”. The advantage concerned is actually the advantage of terrorist infantilism. At the same time, after I am amnestied as infantile and as someone’s son, I can express my position of revolt and of rebellion without a cause. This era begins with the acknowledgement of the son’s right to be angry “without a reason", to be angry just because he is a son.

  • From Jelena Luzhina's essay: 'The Theatre of Violence, Today'

    ...the Macedonian translation of Shopping and Fucking was performed in Skopje, only two years after the London opening, by the Macedonian National Theatre and, which is more, with great success too...
    I am quite inclined to conclude that this drastic and, in terms of the circumstances of Macedonian theatre, surprisingly bold and highly professionally directed and acted play, could be performed in Skopje (as far back as five years ago!) only due to several undeniable facts of theatre history that had preceded it and which demand further elaboration.

  • From Jovica Ivanovski's poem Autumn in Skopje

    Skater kids fall,
    tiles from autumn houses fall,
    saliva falls. White chewing gum
    best turn black on the pavement tiles.
    Morning dew falls, and so does sunlight and fog.
    Feathers of the birds that do not migrate fall...

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